Payment Methods

Due to the particularity of the e-cigarette policy category and platform payment service fees, we don't support online payments. We only accept payments via bank transfer, Western Union and PayPal.


1. Bank Transfer

To pay via bank transfer ,please contact your sales repretative to get bank account information.

Usually it costs 1-2 days for us to receive your payment from bank . Once you have finished the payment ,please send us a copy of the bank receipt  .


2. Western Union 

To pay via Western Union ,please noted that you need to cover Western Union handling fee.

Our Western Union Account : YUEMEI TIAN    Country : CHINA



If your first order amount is less than US$1,000, you can pay via PayPal. Please be noted that you can only pay with debit card or balance and cover Paypal handling fee.

Our Paypal Account :