How Airflow Effects Your Vaping!
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How Airflow Effects Your Vaping!

Varying airflows allow for different vaping experiences for each user. You can use airflow to adjust to your vaping needs.

What is airflow?
Airflow is the amount of air that can pass through your coil or atomizer when you are hitting your vape device. Having adjustable airflow allows air to freely flow through your coils to your mouth!

Does changing airflow make a difference to the vape experience?
Absolutely it does.
With an increased airflow,  it can decrease the amount of e-liquid needed, because it remains better on the coils.You will experience less flavor, less of a harsh throat hit and more vapor .This style of vaping is called Direct to Lung (DTL). 
With a decreased airflow, less air contacts the coils, it forces the vapour out quicker and it becomes warmer.You will experience more flavor, more of a harsh throat hit and less vapor .This style of vaping is called Mouth to Lung (MTL). 
With a restricted airflow , it will prevent any air from reaching the inside of your coil. Basically making it really difficult or impossible to get a good hit off your device. This can also cause burning so with any device with adjustable airflow, we recommend leave the control rings open.

Quizz Disposable QD62-V2  is the example of adjustable airflow we carry!

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